About Digital Charlotte

Mission Statement
Digital Charlotte empowers organizations to deliver digital and media literacy resources to their communities.

Digital Charlotte recognizes that digital inclusion plays a significant role in our society, democracy, and economy and aims to empower organizations to deliver inclusion resources to their communities.

Launched in 2011, Digital Charlotte is based on the premise that digital literacy skills are instrumental to creating educational and economic opportunities for all.

Digital Charlotte was developed as a component in the Queens Knight School’s Master Plan to strengthen digital and media literacy in Charlotte.

A key goal of the Master Plan is to engage students in digital and media literacy initiatives in the community, creating a culture of awareness and excitement surrounding digital and media literacy in the Queens Knight School of Communication.

The master plan outlines the strategy the Queens Knight School is undertaking to accomplish these goals. This strategy engages and has an impact on three constituencies: the students, the community, and the emerging field of digital and media literacy. These three form a powerful network through which learning, connecting and exploring can occur.

Digital Charlotte is supported by a grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

Digital Charlotte provides digital inclusion news, resources, and community opportunities for organizations to deliver into their communities.

Digital Charlotte provides:

  • Volunteer training
  • Organizational partnerships
  • Access to tools, assets, and facilities
  • Teaching curriculum and tutorials
  • News – coverage, distribution, and promotion