Online Financial Resources

With the resources the internet provides us, financing has never been easier. With the breadth of information available, it can be difficult to determine what is reliable information. This list of simple, reliable and credible sources for financial literacy will act as a starting point to answer frequently asked questions about loans, savings, investment and more.

Savings/Checking AccountsInvestmentMortgage and Loans
(Consumer, Auto, etc.)
Checking vs. Savings Accounts:What’s the Difference?Investing 101: A Tutorialfor Beginner InvestorsMortgage Calculator
Checking Account - InvestopediaInvesting Basics: Get Smart,Get StartedHome Loans – Zillow
Savings Account - InvestopediaGetting the Best Rate on a Car Loan
– NY Times Bucks Blog
How to Apply for a
Personal Loan –
5 Tips for Getting Your
Bank Loan Approved
Different Needs, Different Loans: Information on the differences
between certain types of loans- Investopedia
Quicken Loans Mortgage calculators
Internet SafetyCollegeRetirement
Identity Theft: How to
Avoid it - Investopedia
Finding Help –
Federal Student Aid
Funding Your Retirement
– Charles Schwab
Free Ways to Protect
Against Identity Theft – CNET
FAFSAIncome Calculator - Vanguard
Secure Password Selection:
Basic tips on secure password
construction – Wolfram
U.S. Department of
Education – Student Loans
Retirement Calculator - AARP
Identity Theft – Federal Trade CommissionUltimate Guide to Spending and Saving Wisely During Retirement - CouponFollow