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Charlotte’s Broadband Deserts Reflect a Familiar Pattern

If you live or work in Charlotte, there's a distinct possibility your broadband access is less than satisfactory. But you have options. A familiar wedge-and-crescent pattern of economic inequality also applies to broadband internet connections, slowing down access to development and educational opportunities in wide swaths of the city. Data from the Federal Communications Commission [...]

Queens Students Work with Google Fiber to Empower a Community

Students from Queens’ James L. Knight School of Communication are collaborating for the first time with Google Fiber on a service initiative designed to strengthen digital inclusion in Charlotte. Called the Community Leaders Program, it marks the first time the company has integrated the national initiative with a university course. Twenty-five students are serving as digital […]

Jill Bjers of Code for Charlotte launches the June 2016 weekend civic hacking event.

Civic Hacking Keeps the Heart of the Community Pounding

The Code for Charlotte organization celebrated the National Day of Civic Hacking with a weekend Hack-a-Thon on June 3-4. Starting with an analog night on Friday, the event had community members kicking it old school – using sticky notes and discussion groups to brainstorm ideas. On Saturday, around the country, numerous Code for America organizations gathered to […]

Queens students are creating an online toolkit to help seniors master smartphones.

Queens Students Create Online Tools to Help Seniors Master Smartphones

Students in the Knight School of Communication at Queens are launching a set of online educational tools designed to help senior citizens learn new skills on their smartphones. Five of the school’s top students in communication, digital media, or journalism – called Knight Scholars – have been researching, testing, and developing the educational materials throughout the […]