Will Ward, E2D, Charlotte

Will Ward

Enterprise Development Manager

E2D - Eliminate the Digital Divide

1. What is E2D and what do you provide?

We’re a nonprofit organization based here in Mecklenburg County that focuses on eliminating the digital divide by providing computer technology, Internet connectivity, digital literacy training, and also workforce development.

2. How is E2D digitally inclusive?

We are at the ground of it all. There are roughly over 75,000 students within CMS schools that don’t have access to at-home technology and so with our partnership with CMS, its our focus to help provide computer hardware in addition to digital literacy training and connectivity. It’s the core of what we do as an organization.

3. Is the digital divide more commonplace than we’d like to expect?

One of the big things that I learned in our conversation today was that often times, people forget how close the (digital) divide affects them and one of the county employees spoke on one of his employees not being willing to use computer technology to complete forms online. One case, in particular, is there’s some type of health form that needed to be completed online and his employees rather not complete it online and cost him $600 rather than save $600. So I think that was something that stood out the most.