Torie R. Leslie

Torie R. Leslie

Chief Academic Officer


1. What are you doing and why are you working towards Digital Inclusion in Charlotte?

Life is all about new experiences and how we use those to learn and grow. That one opportunity can turn into an interest, which fuels a passion, which leads to a career, social movement or any other life changing circumstance. We have a whole new world to explore in the digital environment and we all deserve the opportunity to learn and grow with it.

As the Digi-Bridge STEAM Catalyst, I have the opportunity explore the digital world with K-8 students along their interest lines and around the most relevant 21st century skills. Concentrating efforts in our communities of promise, our invitations to participate in #STEAMSaturdays explore science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics in a digital environment.

The hidden and sometimes overt social barriers that exist in our society also exist in the digital world. I’ve experienced them along my professional journey, but with support, guidance and mentorship I was able to choose my path. I devote my life to digital inclusion, specifically in the STEAM disciplines, to provide that same support, guidance and mentorship to the most deserving audience—our youth.