Steve Wood

Neighborhood Training and Development Program Manager

Neighborhood & Business Services, City of Charlotte

1. What are you doing towards Digital Inclusion in Charlotte?

I am a member of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Digital Inclusion Steering Team for the City of Charlotte. Additionally, Neighborhood & Business Services offers neighborhood capacity-building training, including 3 in 2017 that addressed using technology within your neighborhood (offered in conjunction with Digital Charlotte).

2. Why are you working towards Digital Inclusion in Charlotte?

Digital Inclusion helps us all. As residents get access and learn how to harness this access, they are opened up to a whole new world of resources and opportunity. Resources and opportunity drive improving the quality of life within the City of Charlotte.

3. What does a digitally connected community look like to you?

In a digitally-connected community, everyone understands the importance of digital connectivity and has ready access to these tools.