Maya Norvel

Maya Norvel

Director of Marketing and Communications

Urban League of Central Carolinas

Why is digital literacy important?
You really have to be plugged in to what’s going on online, it’s a whole conversation that’s happening and you’ll be more successful in whatever capacity you are in if you can talk the digital talk.

How would you expand digital literacy?
To me, a digitally connected Charlotte is one where everybody feels included; where everybody feels like they have adequate access to service, adequate access to devices that are affordable and services affordable as well; and then training, because it’s one thing to have service devices and another to not know how to fully utilize them. Having those three things to me says that we’re on the right track and that we’re really providing support and services for people that are truly beneficial.

Are newer technologies more challenging to learn?
As new technologies emerge, so do new trainings and new service providers that can actually provide people with what they need to become experts in those areas; I feel like there’s always an entry, intermediary, and expert level to anything you’re doing with computers and as the technology emerges I feel like the training tools and all those things emerge with it. When you’re talking workforce and different industries as far as IT and things of that nature, I feel like with the workforce kind of aging out, they are looking to innovate younger high school students and even younger than that to really develop along with them these skills so it’s not like it’s just something colder getting in college.