Margo Scurry

Margo Scurry

Digital Inclusion Fellow

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

1. What are you doing towards Digital Inclusion in Charlotte?

Currently, I’ve been meeting with staff and partners who participated in the 1st year of the project where we developed and offered a curriculum called DigiLit 101. The model we are adopting this year is to continue to enhance this curriculum and offer it not only within our libraries but partner with community and faith-based groups to expand our reach by providing them training (Train the Trainer) and access to our curriculum. We also are partnering with organizations that may be able to make available to our constituents low cost devices and internet.

2. Why are you working towards Digital Inclusion in Charlotte?

I have always been passionate about training as it has been a major asset in just about every aspect of my career but most significantly through my work with workforce development non-profits and as a provider of custom training services. I have particularly championed the importance of digital inclusion to provide access and economic opportunities for Charlotte’s under-served populations. I especially love working with seniors and bringing them into a world that may seem foreign and intimidating.

3. What does a digitally connected community look like to you?

To me a digitally connected community is one in which all members of our community have equal access (training, devices and internet) to participate and compete in this 21st century digital society so they are able to benefit from the civic, educational and economic opportunities available to all our citizens.