NC state senator Joel Ford, 38th district

Joel Ford

North Carolina Senator, 38th District

Why is digital inclusion important in Charlotte?

I primarily represent an urban area but, I hear from my colleagues who represent rural areas all over the state and having access to the internet is a big deal.

I’m reminded of how much technology is currently being used from simple things as paying utility bills to even paying rent. All of those things, now, are being done online.

Fortunately here in urban areas, we have the infrastructure, but we have families who do not have the financial means to be able to connect.

A lot of people look at our shiny buildings and our high-rises and our skyscrapers, right? They look at our light rail, they look at the fact that we are an NFL homeowner to the Carolina Panthers and the NBA of Charlotte Hornets, but we have some severe poverty in the city of Charlotte.

Contact information for North Carolina State Senator Joel Ford, D-District 38, is available from the North Carolina General Assembly.