Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson

Executive Director

Drive Inc.

1. What is the mission of Drive Inc.?

We run after-school and camp programs teaching entrepreneurship and computer technology, serving anywhere from elementary school students through high school students — teaching them powerful skills and principles of entrepreneurship, as well as powerful skills in computer programming.

2. What does a digitally connected community look like?

When I think of a digitally connected community and what we do with Drive, we want people to be comfortable with technology — not just using it for the for the five things that they use all the time. The reality is we’ve got a huge skills gap in technology. I can talk to technology companies just in the Charlotte area and they will always talk about trying to find good talent and trying to continue to find good talent. There are so many bright students just in the Charlotte area and if they’re just given the opportunity to learn these things, these skills, these opportunities as well, I feel like they will they will succeed.

3. What is a great day like at Drive?

Anytime when I see a group of students or even just one student who is able to program some small piece of coding and it works. You just see them light up and say “I can do this!”