Amy Chiou

Executive Director

Queen City Forward

1. How is Queen City Forward working towards digital inclusion?

Queen City Forward is a nonprofit that supports social entrepreneurs and social enterprises. When it comes to solving social problems, a lot of social problems are in areas that are not necessarily connected. A lot of the populations that some of our entrepreneurs are trying to support are not necessarily as digitally literate as they need in order for those solutions to be adopted, so we think about what kind of in the front end customer discovery customer discovery part of our innovation process. We also look at a different level of digital literacy which is at the nonprofit level. How many nonprofits are effectively leveraging technology to help them achieve the things that they’re trying to achieve? We look at the cost of not being able to use a lot of the software that is widely available as efficiently and as effectively as possible. Even small things like how do you use Microsoft and all the tools of office to run an operation; those aren’t things that maybe you learned in school or, depending on when you graduated, learned at all.

2. What does a digitally inclusive Charlotte look like to you?

We have a lot of amazing people who share community space and if we can get as many people as possible to be able to feel like they have the tools necessary and the support necessary to be whoever they want to be and achieve whatever they want to achieve in Charlotte, I think that’s what success looks like to me.