Editorial Board

Andrew Au
Director of Community Programs, Knight School of Communication

Dr. Brandon Brooks
Assistant Professor, Knight School of Communication

Dr. Alexis Carreiro
Assistant Professor, Knight School of Communication

Bruce Clark
Digital Inclusion Project Manager, City of Charlotte

Dr. Eric Freedman
Dean, Knight School of Communication

Bob Page
Editor, Digital Charlotte, Knight School of Communication


Current Interns

Delaney Dabagian
Hiwot Hailu
Alexis Kryssing
Sandy Massaquoi
Patrick Willard
Queens Class of 2017

Faith Anthony
Jamie Blount
Ciara Shupe
Queens Class of 2018

Deanna Toney
Lucy Wichmann
Queens Class of 2019

Former Interns

Erin McNeely
Queens Class of 2012

Chelsea Ellsworth
Calvin Lescault
Queens Class of 2013

Ross Radcliff
Doug Sewell
Queens Class of 2014

Colton Garrett
Olivia Jewell
Renée Gorman
Queens Class of 2015

Susana Castillo
Maggie Shiflett
Queens Class of 2016

Jessy Epley
Tyler Greene
Jonathan Smith
Jarden Wilson
Queens Class of 2017

Connor Gagnon
Ivory Henley
Eliza Wireback
Queens Class of 2018

If you have ideas about subjects or stories for Digital Charlotte, please contact editor Bob Page at, or 704 688 2742.