Social Media Challenge

Social Media


“Social media” comes in many different forms, and people use social media in many different ways. Which of the following forms of social media have you used in the past three months?

Of those forms of social media listed in the first question, please indicate the three that you use most frequently. If you use fewer than three forms of social media, just leave the areas blank.

Of the forms of social media you use the most, which of the following best characterizes your frequency of use?

When using social media, some people take a quick peek and spend no more than a couple of minutes at a time, while others spend upwards of an hour per visit. Which of the following best characterizes the amount of time you typically spend interacting with social media?

Which of the following statements best describes your use of social media?

Use of social media can sometimes be complicated, involving the submission of content such as photos, creating accounts and the proper privacy settings, etc. Which of the following best characterizes your comfort level using social media?

There are many different tutorials on this website to help you increase your understanding and your comfort with social media. Select any of the following that characterize your goals for completing one or more of the tutorials.

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