Barbara Caldwell of the Teaching Fellows Institute
Executive Director
Teaching Fellows Institute

Barbara Caldwell

“We’ve found that the teachers’ impressions of our program are very well conveyed in a video format, and the teachers themselves can tell their stories better than I can, and video allows the teachers to directly tell their stories to the community.”

Meet Barbara Caldwell

Faye Harvin of Central Piedmont Community College
Technology Instructor
Central Piedmont Community College

Faye Harvin

“The digital citizenship program allowed my students to create Facebook accounts, and they were then able to go out and add friends, and see all of the different kinds of sites that were out there. Now they are able to do something that they haven’t been able to do before. They can’t wait to come back to class the next time.”

Meet Faye Harvin

Marketing consultant Lynn Smith of Charlotte
Marketing Consultant

Lynn Smith


“Small business and nonprofits are being told you have to do all this social media. But they don’t have the staff, they don’t have the money, and they don’t have the budgets to train people. So with this being offered to the community, especially for individuals such as myself, or those who are just trying to figure out how all of this works, it’s especially helpful.”

Meet Lynn Smith

Michele Gorman of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library
Deputy Director of Lifelong LearningCharlotte Mecklenburg Library

Michele Gorman


“Digital Charlotte is a unique opportunity. I don’t think there are a lot of communities that have the resources to build what is essentially a digital literacy hub. Digital Charlotte gives us an opportunity to put everything in one place and to become that one-stop shop when you need help with something.”

Meet Michele Gorman

Amber Finley of Charlotte Mecklenburg Senior Centers
Program Assistant
Tyvola Senior Center

Amber Finley


“I am grateful to Digital Charlotte for helping me recognize that cyberbullying isn’t just kids picking on other kids through social media. It encompasses many different safety issues, and all of them are important to our clients at Tyvola Senior Center.”

Meet Amber Finley