Partners in Digital Charlotte include the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, the Knight School of Communication at Queens, Project LIFT, Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont and Urban Ministries.

Digital Charlotte connects groups promoting digital and media literacy, including volunteers, students, schools, libraries, city government, local industry, and local community service providers.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library
The Charlotte Mecklenburg Library system offers instruction in literacy, computer skills and technology at its countywide labs. Classes are free and open to the public. You can search the librarywebsite for classes, events and lab locations, and find services at your nearest branch.

City of Charlotte
The City of Charlotte’s neighborhood services team partners frequently with Digital Charlotte and the Knight School of Communication at Queens to offer workshops in strengthening neighborhood communications. The city also offers numerous initiatives designed to strengthen information flow and community engagement, including support for the Code for America team and the Quality of Life dashboard.

Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont 
Goodwill Industries provides career development services and job training programs to the greater Charlotte area. Goodwill’s Occupational Skills Training programs are unique within the greater Charlotte area. In addition to receiving training for careers in targeted industry sectors and benefiting from basic digital literacy skills workshops focused on job training, students also receive counseling and career development services leading to personal and economic independence.

Knight School of Communication at Queens University of Charlotte
The James L. Knight School of Communication at Queens University of Charlotte is devoted to raising the digital media literacy rate of the City, and is partnering with community leaders and municipal agencies to unleash the power of technology to improve the lives of Charlotte residents. The School is undertaking two focused digital and media literacy projects: Digital Charlotte, a web-based educational platform, and skill-building community workshops that engage its students in digital and media literacy initiatives in the community. The School’s goal is to act as a national model for how universities can shape their local media ecosystems.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools and Project L.I.F.T. 
The Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools deploys and experiments with new technologies to personalize learning and improve educational outcomes for the system’s 145,000 students. Project L.I.F.T., a philanthropic initiative composed of leaders from Charlotte’s largest community and family foundation, has the stated goal of accelerating the improvement of academic outcomes for children in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools West Charlotte Corridor.