Multimedia Tutorials

Welcome to the Learning Tools section of Digital Charlotte on multimedia! Below you will find video tutorials designed to help people take some of their first steps into using digital tools. We will continue to expand the offerings to help everyone take advantage of the tools that are so much a part of our world, whether for business or leisure.

Congratulations on taking steps to expand your abilities to use digital tools and platforms!

Photos and File Formats

What Are Image Files?
A tutorial in the basics of image files — JPG, GIF, TIFF, and MOV.

How to Save an Image File on a Mac
A start in using those image files with the funny names — how to save an image file on a Mac.

How to Upload Photos
Now that you know what photo files are, it’s time to upload them.

Using Sound and Audio

How to Record Audio on a Smartphone
Did you know you can use your smartphone to record audio? Here’s how.

How Can I Share Audio with Someone Else?
After recording audio on a smartphone, you can share it!


What Is YouTube?
Learn about what YouTube is (in addition to being the most popular website for tween and teen boys!)

Signing up for YouTube
Want to know how to set up your own YouTube account?

Sharing Videos on YouTube
It’s time to share your videos with a select few or the world at large!


What Is Skype?
Today, people “skype” one another. Find out what Skype is all about.

Signing up for Skype
Ready to learn how to get started with Skype?

Communicating with Skype
Now it’s time to connect with people on the other side of the world or on the other side of town.

What Is a Group Video Call on Skype?
A video tutorial about the purpose of a group video call on Skype.

How to Use the Video Call Feature on Skype
Now that you know what Skype group video calling is, this is a tutorial about how to use it.


What Is Instagram?
Here’s an introduction to Instagram, a network to share photos from your phone or tablet instantly.

Creating an Instagram Account
Get the App, get the account, and get started!

Posting Photos to Instagram
Ready to start sharing photos?

Posting Videos to Instagram
Video is a new feature of Instagram. Ready to start sharing video?

Google Video Hangout

What Is a Google Video Hangout?
Here’s an introduction to Google Video Hangouts, a way to do video conferences for free.

How to Use a Google Video Hangout
Get on Google Video Hangout and get started!

Camera Basics

Everyday Uses for Your Smartphone Camera
Your smartphone camera can do all kinds of useful everyday tasks.