Twitter Terms for Beginners

In this tutorial you will learn:

• The basic terms and concepts helpful for using Twitter.



Knowing the terms for Twitter can be very useful. This vocabulary will assist you in understanding the social media network called Twitter. When using Twitter on the computer or on your Twitter app, you will want to know these beginning terms readily used on Twitter.


Beginning Vocabulary

Twitter is an information network that distributes 140-character messages. These messages can contain links, videos, and photos from all over the world.

A Tweet is a message that is 140-characters.

A Handle is your username on Twitter. For example, Digital Charlotte’s handle is @digCLT.


Getting Started Vocabulary

The Home Page is where tweets from people you follow show up in real time.

Your Timeline is a collection of tweets.

Your Feed is the stream of tweets you see on your Twitter homepage.

Your Home Stream is where you can look at the tweets by the people on Twitter you follow.


The Tweet

Below are a few terms that help you with tweets.

A Mention or @username, such as @digCLT, will help you reference another user by his or her username in a tweet. All tweets containing a mention of you are sent to your Notifications tab, and the users that you mentioned in any tweets receive a message in their Notifications tab.

A Hashtag, which you might also know as a number sign or pound sign, is used to indicate a topic or to get connected with a discussion about the topic.
Examples of this are hashtag Charlotte, hashtag CLT, hashtag digCLT, etc.. A hashtag is a tool to find other tweets based on a specific topic. If you click on a hashtag you can see all the other tweets that mention it in real time.

A “Like” is used for a tweet, indicating that you appreciate it. If you tap the heart icon on a tweet the author will see that you liked it.



If you are ready to start adding your tweets and messages to Twitter, here are a few terms that you might want to know.

A Retweet helps you give credit to or re-share someone else’s tweet.

A Reply begins with the @username and allows you to write a response to another user’s tweet.

A Direct Message is a private message between two people, and it is 140-characters. You have the option to accept a Direct Message from only users you are following or from any Twitter user. You are only going to be able to direct message a user who follows you.


Following Terms

Following means subscribing to a Twitter account. If you follow another user, you will be able to see their tweets as soon as they make a new post. You can also unfollow them again at anytime. If you are blocked, or if you block someone else, you can’t follow them.

A Follower is another Twitter user that followed you, so that they can receive your tweets in their Home stream.


Download this PDF file if you would like a printed version of this tutorial.