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Social Media

featured_socialDo you have a keen interest in popular social media sites but don’t know how to get started? Explore some of the most widely used networking tools, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Meetup. Discover new tools such as Pinterest. Learn how to share content on YouTube, how to build content with Blogger, and how to connect with others through Skype. The tutorials in this section will explore what these tools are, how to create accounts, and how to use social media to engage your community.
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Digital Literacy Basics

featured_literacyThese tutorials step you through the basic digital tools to help you access and share information online. Among other lessons, we’ll show you how to work with email and how to explore the Internet. We’ll show you how search engines work, and how to download web-based content. There are a lot of digital tools to learn, but sometimes it’s best to just start with the basics.
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Mobile Devices

featured_mobileMobile devices are commonly thought of as smart phones – but they’re so much more than phones! Today, these devices include digital cameras to record video and snap pictures, and microphones to capture sound. They feature music libraries, address books, maps, and a wide range of custom apps. To learn more about how to use these technologies on-the-go, click through the tutorials in this section.
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featured_multimediaWhen you use multimedia tools, you are creating content by mixing and matching two or more technologies. You might want to work with text, video, digital photographs and music, and create your own dynamic websites, podcasts or publications! Knowledge about – and experience with – multimedia technologies puts you in the driver’s seat to create and share unique and engaging digital content.
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Digital Safety

featured_safetyThe Internet is an incredible place to learn about and engage with the world. But … it’s important to understand the risks involved in participating online. Here, you can educate yourself about what information you should and shouldn’t share online, how companies will use your information, and how to stay safe in the virtual world.
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