How to Use More Advanced Features on Twitter

In this tutorial you will learn:

• The advanced terms on Twitter



There are many advanced terms that can help you understand twitter better, after you are no longer a beginner. Knowing more difficult terminology can help you to become a Twitter expert.


Advanced Vocabulary

Trends are hashtags or topics that are the most popular on Twitter at that moment, which is determined algorithmically.

Twitter Polls are questions that people can weigh in on. You can create a poll too.

A Verification is a process that allows a user to get a blue check icon. This lets you know that the creator of the tweets is a legitimate source. These verified users are public figures, who are frequently impersonated on Twitter.


Promoted on Twitter

Promoted Accounts are suggested accounts that you might want to follow. These will appear in your Home timeline, search results, and under Who to Follow.

Promoted Tweets are tweets paid for by advertisers. These are clearly marked as promoted.

Promoted Trends Display context-, event-, and time-sensitive trends, which are also promoted by Twitter’s advertisers. These will appear at the top of the Trending Topics list, and are clearly marked as promoted.


Extra Twitter Terms

A Twitter Emoji is a series of letters that are preceded by a hashtag. These generate an icon or small image on Twitter.

Top Tweets are decided by an algorithm and determines the most resonant or popular tweets on Twitter at a given time.

A Timestamp indicates the time and date that a tweet was posted on Twitter. This can be found in the gray text of a tweet in detail view. Congratulations—once you’ve mastered these concepts, you’ll be a master at Twitter.


Download this PDF file if you would like a printed version of this tutorial.