How to Use Basic Abbreviations on Twitter

In this tutorial you will learn:

• The basic abbreviations on Twitter



Frequently used Twitter abbreviations, are important to know to read certain tweets. Also, use regular abbreviations to shorten your tweets to fit within Twitter’s 140-character limit.


Conversational Abbreviations

•       AB/ABT=About

•       AFAIK=As far as I know

•       B4=Before

•       BFN=Bye for Now

•       BGD=Background

•       BR=Best Regards

•       BTW=By the Way

•       DYK=Did You Know

•       EM / EML=Email

•       F2F=Face to Face

•       FB=Facebook

•       FWIW=For What It’s Worth

•       HAGN=Have a Good Night

•       HAND=Have a Nice Day

•       HTH= Hope that Helps

•       IC=I See

•       ICYMI=“In Case You Missed It”

•       IDK=I Don’t Know

•       IIRC=If I Remember Correctly

•       IMHO=In My Humble Opinion

•       IRL=In Real Life

•       JK=Just Kidding

•       JSYK=Just so You Know

•       KK=Kewl Kewl/Cool Cool, or Ok, Got It

•       KYSO=Knock Your Socks Off

•       LMK=Let Me Know

•       LOL=Laugh Out Loud

•       NBD=No Big Deal

•       NCT=Nobody Cares, Though

•       Njoy=Enjoy

•       NSFW=Not Safe for Work

•       NTS=Note to Self

•       OH=Overheard

•       ORLY=Oh, really?

•       PLMK=Please Let Me Know

•       W or W/=With

•       WTV=Whatever

•       YOLO=You Only Live Once

•       YOYO=You’re on Your Own

•       YW=You’re Welcome


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