How to set up a Medical ID on Your iPhone

In this tutorial you will learn:
• What a Medical ID is and why it is important
• How to set up your Medical ID

What is a Medical ID?

A medical ID is a list of medical conditions, medications, emergency contacts, allergies, and other personal information that can be accessed without unlocking your iPhone.

Why is it important to have a Medical ID?

It is important to set up a medical ID so that paramedics can access this information in case of an emergency. In the event that you are unresponsive or unable to provide your information, the information that you list on your medical ID can be accessed immediately.

Click on the Health app, which appears as a white square with a small red heart as shown below.


Heart App

When the Health app opens, you will see a dashboard that may display a number of different things. To begin setting up your medical ID, click the Medical ID button on the bottom right of the screen.

Heart App Data Dashboard

Then press “Create Medical ID.”

Create Medical ID Button.

Allow “access to the Medical ID when the iPhone is locked” when prompted to so that the information may be accessed in case of emergency.

You may then enter your name, date of birth, any medical conditions, additional medical notes, allergies and reactions, medications, emergency contacts, blood type, mark whether or not you are an organ donor, your weight, and lastly, your height.

Screen to fill in medical ID information.

When you are finished entering your information press the “done” button on the top right of the screen.

Congratulations! Your medical ID is now set up and ready for use. To view your medical ID, return to your locked screen, swipe left as if you are going to unlock the phone, click “Emergency,” then click “Medical ID.”

Emergency Button and Medical ID Button in Lock Screen


Download this PDF file if you would like a printed version of this tutorial.