How to Schedule Reminders on Your iPhone


In this tutorial, you will learn:

  • How to schedule reminders on your iPhone.

Reminders App
First, go to your iPhone’s home screen. Then click on the Reminders app. It looks like lined paper with colored dots lining the edge.
Diagram showing how to add a reminder
After you click on the reminders app, you will be brought to another screen. A plus sign should be there. Click on this plus sign to begin setting a reminder. This is the place where you type a label or name for the reminder. After you type in the reminder, an “I” in a circle will appear. This button leads you to the “more details” screen.
Adding details for reminder diagram
When you click the “details” button, you can set an alarm for the day you needed to be reminded. Turn on the “Remind me on a day” switch to make the alarm setting options appear.
Setting the date for the reminder
Tap “Alarm” and more information will open, asking what day and what time you would like your reminder to alert you. Set the date and time you would like your reminder to go off.
How to set the repeat for the reminder
If you want your reminder to alert you more than once, you can have it repeat. Press the proper times you would like the reminder to repeat. You also have the option to customize this repeat by pressing custom, changing the frequency to daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, and how many times it should occur.
How to set priority reminder
Set the priority of your reminder, letting your iPhone understand the importance of this reminder compared to other items that would show up on your iPhone.
Reminder notes, final, and show completed
Add extra notes to your reminder to better understand it…or for extra information. Once you’re done setting your reminder, press the “done” button and your final reminder should appear. Click on the “Show Completed” button at the bottom of the screen to show the reminders you’ve already set.
Reminder Edit and More
If you made a mistake or wish to delete the set reminder, it’s a simple process to correct. Simply click on the reminder, press edit in the upper right corner, and then the red circle with a white minus sign in the center. More and Delete should appear next to your current reminder. Press More to get back on the details page to edit any mistakes. To delete the reminder, just press Delete.
How to change the color of reminder
To change the color of the words that appear in the reminders app, simply press “Color,” and a new screen should appear with different options. Press the color that you would like, and it should check off and return you to the reminder app’s starting screen. This makes it possible for you to color code your reminders. Red for work, blue for home, green for school, etc.. Congratulations, you now know how to set a reminder on your iPhone.


Download this PDF file if you would like a printed version of this tutorial.