How Do I Use FaceTime?

In this tutorial, you will learn:

  • what FaceTime is
  • how to access FaceTime


FaceTime is an application on iOS systems that allows users to video or audio call other people with an iOs device (like an iPhone, iPad or Mac computer). FaceTime allows you to talk and see loved ones in real time no matter how far away they are. It’s great for catching up with family and friends who have a minute to chat or a few hours. When the app is used over Wi-Fi it is free to use.

Getting Started

To use the FaceTime feature, you need to locate the app on your iPhone. The FaceTime app can be opened by tapping the FaceTime icon. The icon is indicated with a circle in Image 1 below. Note: The app may be located in a different place on your iPhone.

FaceTime1-2-and-3 copy

Making a Call on FaceTime

The screen will prompt you explaining you can start a FaceTime Video or Audio Call by entering a name, email address, or phone number in the bar that says enter name, email or number which is surrounded by a blue rectangle (Image 2).

FaceTime gives you the option to make either a Video or Audio call.

The video option allows you to see the other person and will use either WiFi or your data.

The audio option allows for a regular phone call with better quality as it will use either Wi-Fi or your data instead of cell phone signal.

In the picture below the word “Audio” is in blue meaning you will be making an audio call. If you want to make a video call or vise versa (make an audio call while the video call is in blue) tap on the word that is not in blue (Image 3).

It’s recommended to use Wi-Fi when using FaceTime as it uses data quickly (Images 6 and 7 below indicate Settings screens for connecting to Wi-Fi).

In this example, a name has been typed into the search bar pulling up a contact in the phone (Image 4). Next to the name there is a camera and a phone. By tapping on the camera a FaceTime Video call will begin. By tapping on the phone a FaceTime audio call will begin.


While the call rings and waits for the other person to pick up, a video call will show what your camera sees. In this example, the iphone is showing what the back camera of the phone sees. In order for the call to show what the front facing iphone camera sees one simply needs to tap on the camera button with arrows inside (circled below) this switches what camera is being used (Image 5).

Navigating FaceTime

The three buttons at the bottom of the FaceTime screen do the following:

Camera button changes which camera the FaceTime Video shows.

The red phone ends the call.

The microphone with the slash through mutes your audio so the other person cannot hear you. These options are available at all times during the call. If they disappear from your screen just tap in the middle of the screen and they will reappear.

If you use Wi-Fi to make your FaceTime calls, they may lose signal and have to reconnect. If this is the case the following screen will appear.

During a regular phone call with someone who has an iphone there is the option to switch to a FaceTime video call.

If you need to adjust the settings for FaceTime, enter your settings app and scroll until you see the FaceTime symbol. Tap here for settings including turning on FaceTime, attaching an email address and a phone number for people to reach you.


By now you should be able to:

  • Locate FaceTime
  • Make a FaceTime Video Call
  • Make a FaceTime Audio Call
  • Locate FaceTime Settings

Download this PDF file if you would like a printed version of this tutorial.