How Do I Use Facebook on My iPhone?

In this tutorial, you will learn:

  • how to access the Facebook app
  • how to log into Facebook
  • how to navigate Facebook


Having and using a Facebook app on your phone is an easier and faster way to access your social media website on the go. You can do anything that you would do on your computer on your phone in regards to Facebook and all of your notifications will be sent straight to your phone. Take note that this tutorial is only for iPhone users.

Getting Started

To start, go to the home screen on your iPhone (Image 1). Click on the dark blue icon with a white “f” on it to access your Facebook account (this is the Facebook application icon).

Facebook Images 1 and 2
Image 1 and Image 2

Logging Into Facebook

Type in your, previously established, E-mail address and your Facebook password to log into your account (Image 2).

Navigating Facebook

The first page you will see is your newsfeed- this displays all of your Facebook friends posts. To look at previous posts scroll down. Scroll to the top and pull down to refresh your newsfeed (Image 3).

Facebook images 3 and 4
Image 3 and Image 4

Posting to Facebook

To post a status click on the status button in the top left hand corner of the screen. You can use your phone keyboard to type out what you want to say. Clicking on the gray icons at the bottom of the screen above your keyboard to add a photo, tag a friend in the post, add an emoji, or attach your location to your post. If you add your location onto your status everyone will be able to view this and find out where you are (Image 4).

Using the Toolbar

You can access your toolbar by clicking the icon with three bars that says “more” (Image 5). From this toolbar you can update your personal information, view your profile, manage groups, create a page, change your settings in regards to privacy, log out  of your profile, and many more useful things.

Facebook images 5 and 6
Image 5 and Image 6

While in the side bar, if you click on your name or picture you will go directly to your profile. From your profile you can scroll down and view all of your posts, look at your friends list, photos or about me section. You can also write a new post or share a photo from here (Image 6).

Checking Notifications

The 3 other grey icons at the bottom middle of the screen are your friend requests, messages, and notifications icons in that order (Image 7). If any of these icons have a red bubble with a number on it that means that you have a new notification on one of these since you last accessed your Facebook account.

Facebook images 7 and 8
Image 7 and Image 8

Using Facebook Messenger

By clicking the white icon that looks like a person with the bars beside it at the top right of the page you can access your messenger app. Select the name of the person that you want to send the message to and a messenger screen will come up for you to type your message (Image 8).

By now, you should know how to:

* access the Facebook app

* log into Facebook

* navigate the Facebook app

* post to Facebook

* use Facebook Messenger


Download this PDF file if you would like a printed version of this tutorial.