How Do I Use Facebook on My Android?

In this tutorial, you will learn:

  • How to access Facebook
  • How to log into Facebook


This tutorial is about using the Facebook application on an Android device. Facebook allows you to upload pictures, chat with friends, and meet new people. Having Facebook on your phone allows you to read updates from your friends, organizations and more!

Getting Started

To begin, start by accessing your phone’s home screen. Access your applications folder by tapping the application button. In this case, the application button is the grid icon on the bottom center of the home screen (Image 1).

Find the Facebook application in the applications folder and press it (Image 2). Make sure you are connected  to Wi-Fi to use this app

Image 1 and Image 2

Logging into Facebook

Once the Facebook application opens, tap the input boxes and enter your account information (your email address and your password). When you are finished, press log in (Image 3).

Navigating the Facebook App

The first page you will see when you’re logged on is your Facebook Newsfeed. The Facebook Newsfeed lets you access information about your Facebook friends, pages you’ve liked, and more. Scroll down to read old information. Scroll to the top and pull down to refresh your newsfeed (Image 4).

Image 3 and Image 4


Posting to Facebook

To post a status, tap the status button at the left top of your newsfeed (Image 5). The status button looks like a piece of paper with a pen in the middle. From there, you can use your phone’s keyboard to write a status. You can write a status about your day, an activity you did, or anything else! You can also tag people and locations and add pictures. Tagging people shows your Facebook friends who you were with during an activity or event. The toolbar at the bottom of the screen from left to right allows you to: tag a friend (person icon), tag a location (pinpoint icon), upload a picture (camera icon), and add a smiley face. The right-most icon allows you to change who can see your status update.

Using the Facebook Toolbar

By tapping the icon on the left with the three bars, you access your sidebar. Within this sidebar you can access your Facebook page, your groups, and your settings (Image 6). By scrolling to the bottom of the sidebar, you can log out* of your Facebook account.

*Note : Make sure to log out of your Facebook if you are using a public computer or someone else’s phone. If you stay logged in to you account, people will have access you your private information! Always make sure to stay safe and protect your information.

Image 5 and Image 6


While in the sidebar, pressing your name and it will take you to your Facebook page. From you Facebook page, you can post a status and scroll through your Timeline (Image 7). A timeline is a history of your posts or posts that friends have tagged you in.

Checking Notifications on Facebook

By tapping the three middle icons, you can check your friend requests, messages, and notifications. If any of these icons has a red number beside it, there is new information to see since your last visit to Facebook (Image 8).

Messaging Friends on Facebook

By tapping the right icon with the person, you access Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger allows you to chat with your Facebook friends online. If one of your Facebook friends has a green dot beside their name, they are online and available to chat (Image 9).

Image 7 and Image 8 and Image 9


By now, you know how to:

  • access the Facebook app
  • log into Facebook
  • navigate the app
  • post to Facebook
  • check notifications
  • use Facebook Messenger

Download this PDF file if you would like a printed version of this tutorial.