How Do I Sync My iPhone with a Mac?

In this tutorial, you will learn:

• How to connect an iPhone to a Mac computer
• How to locate and open iTunes
• How to sync an iPhone with a Mac computer


What does it mean to sync your IPhone to your Mac Computer? Synching your iPhone with a Mac computer is connecting the two devices so they can communicate and almost effortlessly add media content from your Mac to your iPhone or vice versa. Syncing also allows you to see how much storage is left on your iPhone, and select and change the content on your iPhone (apps, music, videos etc.) It also allows you to back up the content to make sure you have it in more than one place. Simply put, you can transfer your photos, music and apps to your computer.

Getting Started
You will need your iPhone, charging USB cable (Image 1) and a Mac computer (Image 2).


Image 1 and 2

After plugging the usb cable into your iPhone, plug the other side of the charging usb cable into a USB outlet on your computer. On Mac laptops these are on the side. On a desktop, the USB outlets are on the back. (Image 3 and 4)


Image 3 and Image 4

Once the cable is plugged in, both to your phone and computer, iTunes may automatically pop open. If it does not, you can simply select to open the program by clicking on the ITunes symbol in your icons. In the picture below, it is the one with the black circle around it. Click the symbol to open ITunes. (Image 5)


Often, once ITunes is open it will automatically begin to sync your device. However, there are ways to manually sync your device. In this picture, the device Trevor’s iPod is already syncing but this picture shows what the top of the iTunes menu looks like. In order to manually sync the device you need to click the button in the top right corner that says iPhone with a play button on it (circled in red). After clicking on it, the device will begin to sync.

Within iTunes there is also a menu that allows you to choose what you would like to get synced to your device. To access this menu (as seen below in Image 7) there will be several symbols on the left hand main screen. These symbols a music note, film strip, a TV, three dots, and an iPhone all lead to other menus.

sync-iphone-to-mac-image-5Image 7

From the tabs at the top of this window you can select certain types of media to see what exactly is being synched with your device. In the bottom right there is another sync button to allow you to manually sync your device (circled in black in Image 8).


Image 8

Now you should be able to:

• Properly connect your iPhone and Mac computer,
• Open iTunes, and
• Sync the devices.

Download this PDF file if you would like a printed version of this tutorial.