How Do I Save a Screenshot on an iPhone?

1.     The first step to taking a picture of something on your screen is to get whatever you want to capture to be shown. This could mean browsing to a specific website, looking up a text message conversation, or navigating to a screen in one of your applications.

2.     Then, find the “home button” which is located at the center of the bottom of your device and the “power button” is on the top right side/edge of the iPhone 6 series and at the right of the top of all other models.


iPhone 6:                                         All other models:





How do I take a screenshot on my computer or smartphone?


3.     Click both the “home button” and the “power button” at the same time. This can be tricky and might take a few tries. Try not to hold the buttons for too long or else Siri could be activated or the phone could be put into sleep mode.

4.     You’ll know when he picture has been captured successfully when you press the buttons simultaneously and the screen flashes white and the phone makes a camera shutter noise.

5.     This whole process is commonly known as taking a “screenshot” and a copy of the screenshot can be found in your “Photos” app.


Download this PDF file if you would like a printed version of this tutorial.