About Digital Charlotte


Digital and media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, and create digital content in a networked environment where we can connect and engage with others to improve our lives and better our communities. Digital Charlotte seeks to serve citizens in ways that help everyone take full advantage of digital tools.

More specifically, through its efforts to provide digital and media literacy to everyone, Digital Charlotte is:

  • A collaboration devoted to raising the digital media literacy rate of the greater Charlotte area, promoting information access and awareness, and providing a core community need.
  • A partnership that includes citizens, community leaders and municipal agencies to unleash the power of technology to improve the lives of Charlotte residents.

  • A virtual gathering place that connects groups promoting digital and media literacy, such as schools, libraries, city government, local industry, and local community service providers.

  • A resource guide, an educational space, and an arena for community-based activities.

  • An ongoing series of efforts driven to transform the greater Charlotte area into a connected learning laboratory with the stated goal of improving citywide digital and media literacy.

  • A centralized hub to connect individuals to area-wide digital literacy workshops, helps them locate resources, and provides skill building tools, activities, and calls to action.